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Project TitleNanocarrier-Based Plant Transformation
Track CodeP27103
Short Description

The technology is a novel plant transformation process utilizing specific organelle targeting peptides to transport and deliver DNA, RNA, and/or protein (cargo) and thereby enabling nuclear transfection, chloroplast engineering, and for the first time, targeted delivery of DNA to plant mitochondria. After employing this unique organelle transfection technology, established tissue/callus culture protocols are used for the production of cell lines and regeneration of plants. The process has been demonstrated with many different cargo types, in several plant species and cell types, and is far more robust and versatile than other available plant transformation or organelle delivery methods.


• Cell penetrating peptide (CPP)-mediated delivery of DNA and protein to plant organelles
• Sequence-based specificity for targeted delivery to the nucleus, mitochondria, or chloroplast
• Non-Agrobacterium, non-biolistic, species-independent method

• Production of genetically engineered cell lines and plants
• Transient transformation for evaluation of bio-active DNA and peptides
• Utility with microspore and somatic cell culture
• Genome editing
Competitive Advantage
• High efficiency; no selectable marker required (nuclear transfection rates up to 50%)
• Does not rely on biolistic or Agrobacterium-based technology
• Species-independent; potential application in any plant species
• Versatile range of cargo types and size (DNA, RNA, protein)
• Worldwide patent applications pending
• Available non-exclusively for both R&D and commercial licensing
• Continued access to AAFC-derived improvements of the technology
• No AAFC reach-through rights on licensee-developed improvements
• “Flat-fee” based license fees are independent of commercial sales

Contact: Alex Richman
Commercialization Officer
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Telephone : 226-217-8167
E-mail :

Tagstargeted delivery protein
Posted DateMar 25, 2015 2:45 PM