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Project TitlePlant-derived Purified Polysaccharide Gum
Track CodeP27106
Short Description

In the growing market for natural, plant-based food additives and supplements, polysaccharide gum extracts are finding a place in functional foods and natural health products. Traditional methods of extracting gums from plants produce a product with high levels of protein which negatively affects the characteristics of the gum. This is particularly a problem with extracts from meal sources.
Researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have discovered a method to reduce the protein content in the extract and produce a high quality polysaccharide gum product derived from a wide variety of plant material.


The process provides:

• Natural plant based food additive or supplement
• High quality, low protein gum extract from flour, seed, seed fractions or meal
• Process applicable to legumes, cereals, oilseeds, herbs, spices, yeasts, fungi and cell cultures

 Dietary soluble fibre in functional foods
 Thickeners and stabilisers in food
 Moisturisers in cosmetics
 Medicinal uses, e.g. artificial tears

Health Benefits
Increasing dietary fibre in the diet has a range of health benefits related to:

Cardiovascular and grastrointestinal health
Immune function
Weight control
Cancer prevention
Reduction of serum cholesterol

Competitive Advantage
Improved utilization of meal co-products from the vegetable oil industry

Michael Jackman, Commercialization Officer
Office of Intellectual Property & Commercialization
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
T: 204-259-4201
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Posted DateMar 25, 2015 3:22 PM